We help Canadian families retire earlier than they have ever dreamed. With honest simple and disciplined advice, they live the retirement they have earned.
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We help Canadians build a
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Patrick Callan BA, CIM
Wealth Advisor, Managing Partner
Who We Are
We make the retirement decision easy.
Through our Wealth Playbook, we specialize in helping Canadians build and control their wealth, with the goal of creating sustainable retirement income.
Our Clients
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We specialize in helping 4 types of clients and the most important thing we do is work through our Wealth Playbook together, and when we are done, we have the perfect Game Plan to realize your retirement vision.
The Callan Wealth Playbook
Our Wealth Playbook is what you experience when working with us.
It is completely tailored to you and your financial future. Using this process we explore the need for:

Investment Management, Pension Planning, Tax Planning, Estate Planning, Insurance Planning and more...
Typically, through this process we see a big change in our clients. We see stress and worry turn into a big sigh of relief.  We think retirement planning can be fun when everything falls into place. Once we are having fun, we know we have done a good job.
Patrick Callan BA, CIM
Associate Portfolio Manager, Managing Partner
The Process
The Results
Latest Insights
Finding Income in Health Care

June 27, 2024

We have a philosophy that our client’s portfolios should produce enough annual income, dividends, or distributions to fund their retirement life.
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