At Q Wealth, we have a philosophy that our client’s portfolios should produce enough annual income, dividends, or distributions to fund their retirement life. This is why financial planning is so important, but that’s a whole different conversation.

As an Associate Portfolio Manager with Q Wealth,  I chose to partner with John Mulvihill because he helped me solve a problem. The retirement income problem… Specifically in the Health Care Sector.

The idea of XLVE came to life at our local breakfast spot Glenn’s… If you have every seen the giant tea pot from highway 2 you know the place. My wholesale partner Todd Rees put us in front of John to talk about the idea and it took off from there.

We both recognize the need to invest in the Health Care sector, which we will admit to being under exposed, but the hard part is balancing the need for income as well as capital appreciation, this is where I believe John excels. His option-based strategy on top of the portfolio of US Health Care stocks creates monthly income and allows for the potential of capital appreciation over the long term.

This is something I don’t do personally. I leave the option writing to the pros. That’s why I partnered with John Mulvihill, C.M., CFA Chairman & CEO of Mulvihill Capital Management.

As of February 2023, the ETF went live, and we believe a problem solved.  Not just for our clients but anyone looking for more. Now it’s time to move onto the next retirement income problem. Stay Tuned!